JANICE DeLOOF                                   STATEMENT




Recurring images of furniture, various utilitarian objects, and drawn or painted lines

 are symbols, signs, and gestures from my own personal vocabulary of memories

 used to create visual narratives on wood, canvas, or paper.  Small mise en scenes

 portrayed by miniature tables and chairs depict the tension and drama that lies

 underneath family life. In larger mixed media paintings, landscapes are painted on

 the back of stretched canvases with images of furniture and other objects in the

 foreground.  These works are storyboard like scenes of family stories told with furniture

 in different modes.


In a series of expressive line drawings, the art begins the conversation about feelings

 and relationships; the mind of the viewer completes it.  Conversation both private and

 public is an exchange - an attempt by the individual to integrate or reconcile with

 others in the community.  To converse is to identify one’s self in relation to another

person or idea. Art becomes a tool for investigating the structures of social interaction.


Janice DeLoof


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